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KNG-150 Graphene Nanoplatelets


KNG-150 graphene nanoplatelets are stacks of multi-layered graphene sheets having a platelet morphology. The KNG-150 graphene nanoplatelets have a high aspect ratio (width to-thickness).

Graphene is the name given to a one-atomic-thick, two dimensional (2D) layer of graphite with carbon atoms arranged in a six-numbered-ring plane.

Graphene nanoplatelets is consisted of more than ten carbon layers, the thickness of graphene is ranging from 5-100 nm. Graphene nanoplatelets have high aspect ratio (width–to–thickness) in structure feature which leading to great advantages in forming the conducting network in a polymer matrix.



Bulk Powder Characteristics

Bulk Powder Characteristics
Appearance Bulk Density Powder conduvtivity Specific Surface area
A black and grey powder 0.15~0.2g/ml ~12000S/m 30-60m


Graphene Nanoplatelets Properties

Graphene Nanoplatelets Properties
Diameter(D50) Thickness Carbon content True density Thermal conduvtivity Tensile Modulus Young's Modulus
~5um <15nm >98wt% ~2.25g/cm3 ~3000W/mK ~1000Gpa ~1060Gpa


SEM for Graphene Nanoplatelets



Use methods



Graphene Nanoplatelets

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